About me

Hi, my name is Catalina

I was adopted at the age of two weeks in 1970 in Colombia (Bogotá) by a Swiss family. I thought that everything «was ok», but I realised since very early,  as a young child, that it wasn’t.

I was angry, mad, not able to speak and I took over, all the negativity from my father. I was different, loud, and couldn’t sit in stillness, but I thought, that being different was not good, and I felt miserable.

​At the age of 48 years old, after having pleaded guilty for my misery my whole life, I felt the urge to change something. My intuition was telling me, very deep inside of my heart, that I don’t want to go on like this anymore, and that I was ment to be for better…

I didn’t know how I could change my life, but as soon as I took that decision, I got all the answers and the support from the universe.

I meet beautiful people that showed me how I could do the inner work, to learned to forgive, to love myself and to heal my traumas.

​It has been a long and not easy process but so worthy, and I continue growing every single day. It was the best decision in my life!

So, today I work as a Mentor for adult adoptees.

Now I am able to support other adoptees who are struggling with the same issues that I have felt back then.

Mi Mission is:

to support adult adoptees who have the challenge of feeling they are lacking a place in the world. I help them get their inner value to feel grounded and find a home within. So they can realize, that they are just  as capable of making a difference on this planet as anyone else! 

**I speak fluent English, Spanish and German**